Rethinking stereotype dependence: Knowing the union anywhere between women applicants and you may gender stereotypes

Rethinking stereotype dependence: Knowing the union anywhere between women applicants and you may gender stereotypes

Increasing numbers of feminine applicants are run to have Congress for the American national elections. In spite of the boost in feminine people powering to possess work environment, women can be maybe not somewhat growing the exposure in the house and you can Senate. A much hypothesized influence along side electoral fates regarding women individuals ‘s the part away from gender stereotypes. However, political research scholars provides struggled to identify the effect away from stereotypes towards vote options, when there is one perception. So it article measures up the way social psychology and political technology students officially, conceptually and you can empirically decide to try to have gender stereotype determine more than ratings out-of women people and you may political leaders. Variations arise on theoretical assumptions manufactured in both disciplines, the sorts of strategies included in lookup, plus the empirical screening conducted to show the fresh new presence otherwise lack away from stereotypes from inside the reviews of women. The latest discussion examines exactly how students understanding feminine applicants and politicians is consist of expertise regarding societal mindset so you’re able to clarify this new character out-of stereotypes in hot Dominicans women candidate evaluation and choices.


Sort of Search Stuff Pointers Government therefore the Lifestyle Sciences , Volume thirty two , Material step one , Springtime 2013 , pp. twenty two – 42 Copyright © Connection to possess Politics and also the Existence Sciences

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