Gender differences in sexual and you will reproductive wellness knowledge on relatives: a mixed tips learn from Romanian young adults

Gender differences in sexual and you will reproductive wellness knowledge on relatives: a mixed tips learn from Romanian young adults

The household is among the important aspects that may contribute in order to reducing the bad consequences out of large-risk sexual choices. This study examines new dictate out of parents’ telecommunications that have pupils on issues regarding sexuality on sexual decisions.


The research will be based upon a combined research design. Into the 2013–2014, step one,359 anybody old 18–3 decades was at random selected off towns covering the chief university centers out of Romania, plus they finished a survey that have 60 facts out-of sociodemographic investigation, household members, sexual decisions and you can health problems. Out from the initial sample, 60 people agreed to be involved in face-to-deal with interview, using a beneficial thematic interview guide. The latest decimal study was in fact assessed using detailed inferential analytics, also digital logistic regression. This new qualitative studies have been investigated using thematic study.


Exploring the issues of sexual and reproductive health (SRH) discussed with parents according to gender revealed that there was a greater concern in families to address issues of sexuality with girls. The manifestation of any form of sex education in the family was positively associated with a healthy sexual debut, both for women and men (?2 = 7.759, ?2 = 7.866, p = 0.005). The results of the regression reinforced the idea that a lack of sex education in the family decreased the likelihood of a healthy sexual debut, both in women (OR: 0.668, p = 0.018) and in men (OR: 0.605, p = 0.013). In men, receiving information about sex at a younger age (OR: 0.335, p = 0.001) reduced the chance of a healthy sexual debut. Younger women and men were more likely than older women and men to experience a healthy sexual debut [odds ratio (OR): 1.861, p


Into the making wellness apps to have teenagers and you may teens, the family can be involved in sex training. Acting family members sex education from the gender can produce differentiated outcomes towards the the newest sexual debut men and women.



Three decades pursuing the improvement in the latest aggressive pronatalist government off Ceausescu’s communist regime, sexual and you can reproductive health (SRH) problems are away from being resolved. Young adults are definitely the very influenced as way they begin its sexual lifestyle has an effect on the future regarding point of view having a household and you will pupils. Such as, for the 2015, Romania submitted viewpoints above the average of European union regions in terms of the quantity of abortions one of female under two decades each 1,000 live births (374 weighed against 289) and proportion of all real time births so you can mothers old lower than 20 years (nine.8% in contrast to 5.1%) .

SRH activities is enhanced thanks to education and you will cures activities undertaken by the a couple chief stars: the household additionally the school. Which papers centers around new role of your household members to advertise SRH certainly one of teenagers.

Generating match sexual habits during the adolescence and you can early young people is regarded as as the simplest way to minimize chance routines and you can reduce steadily the scientific costs and you will wellness outcomes out of sexually sent attacks (STIs) [dos, 3]. The newest relationships ranging from parents and youngsters draw a long-lasting interpersonal matchmaking that has a life threatening and long-lasting impact on living out of teens and you may young people [cuatro, 5].

Regardless if the friends’ conclusion plays a crucial role inside the adolescents’ choice to begin with an effective sexual existence, moms and dads are an essential source of facts about sexuality. Furthermore, young adults are influenced by parents’ attitudes and you may behaviors [6, 7]. Positive adult role modeling, adult monitoring, seen relationships and you can telecommunications as a whole are positively associated with the late sexual initiation, shorter serious sexual passion and you will a lot fewer adolescent pregnancies .

Girls are involved in talks about SRH so you can an elevated the amount than simply boys . In regard to communications which have girls, parents’ texts about SRH are more careful and focused into outcomes of sexual pastime .

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