She adores lovely some thing and you may shares some of their particular daughter’s perverted tendencies or even to a higher training

She adores lovely some thing and you may shares some of their particular daughter’s perverted tendencies or even to a higher training

Rentarou’s sixth girlfriend and you will Hakari’s mother. She gave beginning to help you Hakari whenever she try 13, on account of which have dropped in love with a beneficial terminally sick other scholar. Understanding that the guy did not have enough time to reside, she got by herself artificially inseminated along with his spunk so they might be a household just before the guy died. Initial, she disapproved away from Hakari’s connection with Rentarou, convinced that he was two-time their child having five other girls, however, altered their own notice whenever she fell deeply in love with Rentarou by herself, heading in terms of buying the school and you may is the brand new chairwoman in order to remain alongside your. She can even be overbearingly caring so you’re able to Rentarou and his girlfriends, usually seeking to function as the mother shape on them every. Her offered name is a pun into Japanese term to own mommy, haha (?).

Haraga Kurumi [ ]

Rentarou’s seventh girlfriend. Kurumi is actually a heart-schooler that have a really high metabolic rate, which causes her to obtain eager quickly – even reading a word one sounds similar to a certain method of out-of eating may cause her in order to crave one eating. As a result, she always wears headphones possesses their hood upwards manageable so you’re able to block out as much eating-associated cam that one can. This lady has a couple of personalities, depending on even though she actually is eager. Whenever she’s got taken, this woman is an extremely kind and you may nice-natured person, nevertheless when the woman is hungry, this woman is quick-tempered and you will abrupt – sadly, on account of being close constantly eager, she actually is close usually short-tempered. Her offered name function «walnut», a fact with brought about their particular eating obsession so you can cause therefore several times from hearing her very own label one to crazy are actually the one eating she does not eg.

Meido Mei [ ]

Rentarou’s 8th girlfriend linkki. Mei ‘s the Hanazono members of the family housemaid being discover from the Hahari immediately after she try mistreated and quit by her physiological moms and dads. She’s very dedicated to Hahari and will carry out people request created by Hahari without question, in spite of how absurd. In reality, she gets self-destructive in the event the she doesn’t fulfill the activity, usually resulting in Hahari being forced to rescind your order to prevent her. Their unique most hitting bodily ability was their unique rainbow colored irises and that are maybe not named she typically possess their particular eyes signed, (nearly always requiring a world incredible revelation) regardless if this doesn’t avoid her away from driving otherwise piloting an effective chopper. Her household members name’s a great pun towards the term «Maid».

Sutou Iku [ ]

Rentarou’s ninth girlfriend. Iku is the history left member of the college baseball team as almost every other players erica. This woman is masochistic, enjoying overworking herself to help you exhaustion and you may if you don’t getting averagely harm. Even getting «heartbroken» by the Rentarou causes their particular high fulfillment, no matter if she gets a legitimate girlfriend to have Rentarou. An advantage facts on 5th frequency reveals that their particular masochism began when she install a passion for baseball during the a young age. Very first she discover training too hard or painful, but once a boosting pep speak from her elderly brother, she decided to keep with it. Although not, since she got advised you to definitely she needed to continue seeking to even when they damage, she came to believe aches a very important thing. Their identity about Japanese naming purchase setting «stoic».

Utsukushisugi Mimimi [ ]

Rentarou’s tenth girlfriend. Mimimi try a good girl who’s obsessed with charm, it is aware that charm dont only be purchased, and you will considers interior beauty exactly as extremely important because exterior beauty. As such, she places lots of work toward to make by herself breathtaking, earning her own money, reducing costs regardless of where she will be able to, carrying out face programs, and you will knowledge herself elocution. She initial considers Nano their unique competitor in charm, seemingly due to Nano having beaten their own inside their junior higher university beauty competition. It’s later on indicated that their unique hatred actually is due to Nano which have snubbed their particular adopting the competition, and she decides to let bygones become bygones whenever Nano apologises so you can their, in the event she claims toward keeping an informal rivalry. Her name gets the kanji to possess beauty (?) three times with her given title practically definition «really gorgeous».

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